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Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is just about here which means you’ll soon be looking for ways to keep your cool when it’s hot, hot, hot. Eurolux has a fantastic selection of ceiling fans to choose from this season – all available via Selective Lighting. Why not incorporate one or two into your home’s design?

A ceiling fan helps you do so much more than keep cool!


  1. Add a decorative touch
    There’s such a variety of styles, sizes and finishes these days. You can look beyond the purely functional and choose a fan to augment your decor.

  3. Reduce energy costs
    Though a ceiling fan doesn’t reduce the temperature of a room, it does keep things breezy: circulating fresh air and creating a cooling effect. And the cost-saving is too cool!

  5. Add additional lighting
    Choose a ceiling fan with a light to help create layered lighting.

  7. Blow away flies and mozzies
    A strong breeze from a ceiling fan stops those little summer pests from getting to you or your food!

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Looking for something portable?

These are great options for cooling small spaces and they’re easy to move them to wherever you please.


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Pop in to Selective Lighting to see more cool options to beat the heat this summer.