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5 Things To Think About When Choosing A Chandelier


  1. Where will you hang your chandelier?

    The good news is chandeliers can go anywhere in your house. All you’ll need to consider is the size of your room and what you’re trying to achieve. Big spaces can accommodate large, elaborate chandeliers; smaller spaces, mini chandeliers.

  2. How big is the space?

    Do a little arithmetic to figure out the best size for the space. Here’s a quick and easy formula to use:

    (Room width in metres + height in metres) x 10
    gives you the ideal chandelier diameter for your room.

    For the right height to hang your chandelier:
    divide your room height (in centimetres) by 4.

    Keep these calculations handy when shopping, and you can’t go wrong.

  3. Within what overall style should it fit?

    Always bear the overall style of your home in mind. While you want your chandelier to make a bold statement, you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. There are so many options to choose!

What additional lighting will you need?

    Like any other ceiling fitting, your chandelier will need the help of sconces and lamps to achieve layers of light. Choose fittings to complement your chandelier.

  5. What does it take to take care of your chandelier?

    What materials have been used to make your chandelier? Make a note of these, along with the appropriate cleaning materials and guidelines, and clean it as you need to keep it sparkling.

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