Indoor Lighting

  • R795.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R795.00 R (Incl VAT)
    Usb Pisa Desk Lamp Black 5W
    Colour:  Black
    Fitting Material:  Plastic Shade & Silicon Gooseneck
    Shade Lens Color:  Black
    Shade Lens Material:  Plastic Shade
    IP Rating:  20
    Class: 2
    Box Quantity:  1
    Colour Temperature:  4000
    Power Rating:  5 W, 5 V, 400 Lumen
    Dimentions:  Height : 515 cm, Length : 135 cm, Depth : 130 cm
  • LED Desk Lamp R950.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R950.00 R (Incl VAT)
    Usb Shard Desk Lamp Silver 10W
    Colour:  Silver
    Fitting Material:  Metal Lamp Shade And Arm With Plast
    Shade Lens Color:  Silver
    Shade Lens Material:  Metal Shade
    Power Rating:  5 W, 5 V, 900 Lumen
    Dimentions:  Height : 460 cm, Length : 158 cm, Depth : 376 cm
  • R1,495.00R5,895.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Glass Pendant

    R1,495.00R5,895.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Clear Satin Pendant with Bubble Blown Glass Shade
    Available in three sizes:

    • 300 mm
    • 400 mm
    • 480 mm

    Choose below.

  • R5,295.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Glass Pendant P-10791

    R5,295.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Matt Brass Pendant with Clear Glass Shade
    Width: 480 mm
    Height: 610 mm
    Cord: 1000 mm
    Ceiling Cup: 120 mm

  • R759.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R759.00 R (Incl VAT)
    Antique Bronze Cord Pendant with Clear Glass
    – 1 x 60W ES
    Width:  200mm
    Height:  240mm
    Cord:  1200mm
    Ceiling Cup:  100mm
  • R649.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R649.00 R (Incl VAT)
    Pendant 1L Retro W/Amber GLS ES White
    Metal Pendant with Cognac Colour Glass
    Width:  225mm
    Height:  180mm
    Cord:  1200mm
    Ceiling Cup:  120mm
  • R2,495.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R2,495.00 R (Incl VAT)
    Polished Chrome Chandelier with Clear Glass
    – 4 x 60W (11W) SES
    Width:  450mm
    Height:  310mm
    Chain:  1100mm
    Ceiling Cup:  93mm
  • P-1012630

    Polished Chrome and Clear Glass Pendant
    – 1 x 60W ES
    Width:  350mm
    Height:  390mm
    Chain:  500mm
    Ceiling Cup:  92mm
  • R399.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R399.00 R (Incl VAT)
    Metal Pendant with Patterned White Glass
    – 1 x 60W ES
    Width: 310mm
    Height: 350mm
    Chain: 1000mm
    Ceiling Cup: 100mm
  • R1,895.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R1,895.00 R (Incl VAT)
    Metal Chandelier
    – 3 x 60W (11W) SES
    Width:  430mm
    Height:  490mm
    Chain:  1000mm
    Ceiling Cup:  155mm
  • P-1028

    Matt Black Metal with Pulley Cord
    – 3 x 60W ES
    Length:  890mm
    Width:  220mm
    Height:  1370mm
    Ceiling Cup:  400mm
  • R1,709.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R1,709.00 R (Incl VAT)
    – 3 x 60W ES
    Width:  360mm
    Height:  1500mm
    Ceiling Cup:  250mm