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When Beauty Meets Functionality, it’s a Recipe for Success

Not all that glitters is gold, but when it does you can’t seem to get enough. We’re not talking about kitsch bold and gold, we’re talking about award winning light fittings that will take your home from bland to bland in a minute.

The Euro Nouveau collection of bespoke lighting from top brands and manufacturers includes products that have won some of the world’s top design prizes. Brands like Slamp, Fontana Arte, and Harboxx are getting the recognition they deserve for their innovative, superior functionality and cutting edge work.

Nouveau lighting 1

And let’s be honest, awards do make us feel better, it’s not the only motivating factor in the Euro Nouveau collection. It offers us something else, insight into the prevailing sentiment around the trends about what the customer really wants and desires.

So much more than just a pretty face

 The aesthetics of these lights is important, but no awards can be won based solely on the visual appeal alone. Structural functionality and the incorporation of the latest technology all play a role when these designs are being considered for the coveted titles.

The Euro Nouveau collection has received awards across the world – from Brazil to Spain, Italy, the UK, and China. What this means for a South African client is that there are world-class, award-winning lighting fixtures out there for you.

Nouveau lighting 2

Some of the awards that deserve mentioning for the Euro Nouveau collection are the Red Dot Design Award, the ArchiExpo I-Novo Award, and the Wallpaper Design Award.

If you take the I-Novo Award for example – seek to reward creativity, recognize innovation and celebrate sustainability by awarding those products to improve the architecture and design industry’s standards through innovation. In 2016, Karboxx’s Zero1 Suspended Lamps that was designed by Prinic and Righi Architects received the third award in the design category.

Presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany, the Red Dot Award is perhaps one of the most well-known and significant awards in the international design industry. Euro Nouveau is proud to count a collection of Red Dot Winners that include Inarchi’s Ray Wall lamp among its lights.

There are those products that win in multiple categories at various awards. The Jackie Clamp Light, designed by Enzo Panzeri and has recently been recognized through several awards.

From Spain to South America, the Objeto: Brasil Awards acknowledge the role of global design production and its significance within the context of the creative economy. The UK-based Wallpaper* Design Award recognizes people or designs offer some insight into current trends, tastes, and styles. It is true that tastes and styles differ from continents and markets, but the appreciation of beautiful designs and quality is universal.

The Euro Nouveau collection is inclusive and representative of the universal appreciation for beautiful work that is both functional and unique.

If you would like to find out more about these designs or the collection contact us for more information.