Indoor Heaters

  • R7,850.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R7,850.00 R (Incl VAT)
    • Patio Heater- enjoy your patio all year round
    • Energy Efficient Heater – cheaper than gas!
    • Portable Infrared Heater- used indoors & outdoors
    • Far Infrared Heating- Used in Therapy
    • Outdoor Heater- IP 55 Weatherproof
    • Boost your immune system with infrared heat
    • Carbon Fibre Heating Technology- Low Glare
    • Eco Heater- zero emissions
    • Infrared Patio Heater- IP55 Rated

      The IP55 weatherproof design means that these heaters can be used in rain and are 100% splash proof. This makes them the ideal patio or outdoor heater, especially during the wet and cold winter months in the Western Cape. These heaters are portable so you are able to move them indoors when needed.

  • R4,199.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R4,199.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Indoor Decorative Electric Fireplace, Curved, offers timeless sophistication.

    • Safe & easy to use: simple 2 screw installation (wall mounted)
    • Features different flame options
    • Tinted front glass
    • Fully remote control powered by 2*AA batteries (not included) for easy accessibility
    • Ideal for lofts, apartments, restaurants, homes & offices

    The Radiant Curved Indoor Decorative Fireplace provides an elegant, space-saving style that makes every room inviting. It comes fully equipped with a built-in thermostat and remote control. It is power-saving and has an overheating protector for safe use.

    Product specifications:

    • Power: 1800W
    • Colour: Black
    • Dimensions [l x w x h]: 1067 x 118 x 457 mm
    • Weight: 14 kg
  • R5,449.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R5,449.00 R (Incl VAT)
  • R1,895.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R1,895.00 R (Incl VAT)
    3 in 1 Bathroom Heater/Light/Extractor Fan
    Fitting Material: Plastic
    Height: 350 mm
    Width: 465 mm
    Depth: 60 mm
  • R1,495.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R1,495.00 R (Incl VAT)
    3 in 1 Bathroom Heater/Light/Extractor Fan
    Fitting Material: Plastic
    Height: 235mm
    Width: 400mm
    Depth: 40mm
  • R595.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R595.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Heater Bathroom


  • R3,395.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R3,395.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Technilamp Caribbean Heaters are wall mounted infrared heaters that provide instant heat infrared heating for various environments.

    They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Caribbean infrared heaters warm people, not the environment.

    Technilamp Caribbean Infrared Heaters are suitable for:

    • Restaurants and coffee bars
    • Entertainment areas
    • Indoor buildings
    • Homes
    • Office Blocks
    • Lecture rooms