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Cleaning Your Chandelier

Tips on Cleaning your Chandelier Without Taking it Down:

A chandelier is a beautiful feature in any home and a great source of light. But have you ever got up and looked closely at the state of your chandelier? You may get a quite a shock at the amount of dust that has collected over time. Don’t worry, we have you covered for your next cleaning expedition:




  • Ladder
  • Towels
  • Soft cloth
  • Sparkle – we stock this chandelier cleaner in our store
  • Sandwich bags or freezer bags
  • Rubber bands



  • Make sure your lights are switched off and that your light bulbs are not hot
  • Put your towels on the floor underneath your chandelier to catch any water or dirt that may fall onto the floor while you are cleaning-
  • If you need your ladder, get it out and position in a place that is easy for you to work from
  • Cover all your light sockets with plastic bags and tie them fast with rubber bands – this will prevent any window cleaner getting into your sockets and prevent any electrical damage
  • Get your Windolene out and spray your chandelier down – don’t be afraid to have your chandelier dripping wet as it will only make getting the dirt off of your chandelier easier
  • Once you have wiped your chandelier down with your soft cloth, leave any excess water to drip off


Voila! A beautiful clean chandelier for all of your guests to admire.

If you are interested in purchasing a chandelier or need any other assistance, please pop into the store or visit our website.