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How to choose a ceiling fan points out – in a recent article – that choosing a ceiling fan instead of an aircon is a smart choice! According to their experts, a single 1500 Watt aircon, running 6 hours a day, will cost you approximately R500 a month, while a ceiling fan will typically cost about R50 a month to run.

Are you ready to ditch your aircon for a ceiling fan? Well, the article goes on to provide 5 tips for choosing the right one:

1. Put the right sized fan in the right place!

A 1.5 metre fan is perfect for a 3 by 3 metre room. If you’re cooling a larger, rectangular room; you may need two or more fans. Measure your room and pop in to Selective Lighting for help choosing the right size.

2. Check your ceiling height

For safety reasons, never mount a fan less than 2 metres from the floor.

3. Ask an expert to install your fan

It will need to be securely anchored to a sturdy roof truss or beam; and an electrician should certify its safety too. Read more about installing a ceiling fan successfully.

4. The quieter the fan, the better

Your fan should have 3 to 6 blades made from a rust-free, warp-resistant material. We recommend fans with silicon bearings and weight stabilisers to ensure there is no wobbling or rattling, even at full speed.

5. What type of control?

A pull chain, a wall-mounted control box, a handheld remote? Choose the option that suits you best.

Come on over to Selective Lighting to see our wide range of options. If you chat to us, we can help you make the right choices.


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