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Points to Consider When Switching to LED

LED bulbs are energy-efficient, highly durable, and last longer. They also make the most economic sense, whether you’re lighting a small home or a large commercial space. If you’ve decided to make the switch, there are a number of factors to take into consideration to ensure you buy the right LED for your needs.


Lighting for Healthier Eyes

Poor lighting in the home is more than just an inconvenience – it’s bad for your eye health and can lead to deterioration of eyesight and headaches. Protect your eyes and create a comfortable environment by considering these tips.

Copper Desk Lamp

Get your desk light just right

A desk lamp is essential to any productive work or learning environment. It helps create an optimal workspace and decreases the risk of eye strain.


How to choose the right material for your outdoor lighting


You’ve decided to invest in lighting for your outdoor space and know exactly what you want and where you’d like it. But …

Have you thought about which materials will work best?
Have you considered where you live?
Do you know how the weather affects your choice?

It’s important that your outdoor lighting meets the demands of the environment in which it is placed. Here’s a snapshot of popular outdoor lighting materials to help you make a decision:

Die Cast Aluminium


7 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Ceiling Fan


The right style.

The right colour.

What else is there to consider when selecting a ceiling fan?
These 6 additional considerations will guide you to the perfect fan:

Large diameter fans are not only for large rooms. Installing a large fan in a smaller room turns your ceiling fan into a standout feature. What overall look and feel do you want to achieve?
Family rooms and living rooms typically demand fans with large blades to generate sufficient airflow. We’d recommend a blade…


Back To School Lighting

Your child will need a comfortable spot at home to do homework, work on assignments, and read books.

Lighting plays a key role in creating an environment that is conducive to learning. The right lighting will not only help your child study, but it’ll also help them retain information too. We’ve put together a list of lighting tips to ensure their academic year gets off to a great start.

8 Tips For Lighting A Learning Space


2019 Lighting Trends

Eurolux’s point of view on Lighting in 2019!
This is what they had to say:

We’ve just entered a new year which means you may be looking for ways to spruce up your home with a few changes. When it comes to giving your space a fresh look, don’t forget about lighting – it’s often overlooked yet it’s one of the easiest ways to update a room.

Lighting has the ability to impact the overall feel of your home -…


How to choose a ceiling fan points out – in a recent article – that choosing a ceiling fan instead of an aircon is a smart choice! According to their experts, a single 1500 Watt aircon, running 6 hours a day, will cost you approximately R500 a month, while a ceiling fan will typically cost about R50 a month to run.

Are you ready to ditch your aircon for a ceiling fan? Well, the article goes on to provide 5 tips for choosing the right…


Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is just about here which means you’ll soon be looking for ways to keep your cool when it’s hot, hot, hot. Eurolux has a fantastic selection of ceiling fans to choose from this season – all available via Selective Lighting. Why not incorporate one or two into your home’s design?
A ceiling fan helps you do so much more than keep cool!

Add a decorative touch
There’s such a variety of styles, sizes and finishes these days. You can look beyond…


5 Things To Think About When Choosing A Chandelier


Where will you hang your chandelier?
The good news is chandeliers can go anywhere in your house. All you’ll need to consider is the size of your room and what you’re trying to achieve. Big spaces can accommodate large, elaborate chandeliers; smaller spaces, mini chandeliers.

How big is the space?
Do a little arithmetic to figure out the best size for the space. Here’s a quick and easy formula to use:

(Room width in metres + height in metres) x 10