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4 Ways to Warm Your Home With Light

Winter has arrived!

While you’re adding blankets, throws and rugs, and hauling out your heaters; why not think about these quick and easy lighting ideas to create warmth and a cosy ambience in your home.

Here are the 4 lighting tips to get your home lighting winter-ready:

  1. Dimmer Switches

    If you don’t have dimmer switches installed, the time is now. Dimming your overhead lights is the easiest way to add visual warmth to a room. With just a quick adjustment of the strength of light in your room, you are able change the ambience from bright and functional to cosy and ambient.


  3. Warm White Bulbs

    Cool lighting is great in the summer, but – for winter – switch to warmer bulbs. Warmer light helps us to relax, unwind, and enjoy the comfort of home.


  5. Table Lamps

    Table lamps are must-haves when creating layered lighting with softly lit cosy corners. Try different combinations, shades, textures, and colours for the perfect winter home.
    See Selective Lighting’s range of table lamps here.


  7. Copper

    Adding copper lighting will modernise and warm your home. Copper fittings bring a comforting orange glow to your room. Click here to see Selective Lighting’s on-trend copper fittings.


Lighting Tips to Save Energy

With fewer hours of sunlight, we keep our lights burning for more hours during the day. But there are still a few ways to cut costs and energy:

  • Turn off those lights not in use.
  • Open your curtains as much as possible to let daylight in.
  • Dirty bulbs can reduce light output by up to 25%, so keep them clean.
  • Switch to CFLs or LEDs. See a comparison between incandescents, CFLs and LEDs here.