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3 Steps to Installing a Ceiling Fan Successfully

Gearing up for summer? A ceiling fan will help you keep your cool AND keep the mosquitoes at bay. But! There’s nothing worse than a wonky ceiling fan, rattling away through the night, to make you lose sleep. Luckily, installing a ceiling fan properly is a breeze! Just follow these steps:

  1. Ask for a ceiling fan with silicone bearings, not bush bearings.

  2. Engage a qualified electrician to install the ceiling fan in adherence with the wiring diagram supplied. The wiring is very important, especially if you’re planning to use a remote control.

  3. Secure the fan bracket to the ceiling using a thick block of wood. The fan shouldn’t wobble or vibrate. Test the installation with the fan in motion, and stabilise it further using the weights provided until you hear only air movement when it’s on full speed.

Taking care of your ceiling fan

Wipe down the blades with a damp cloth to prevent dust accumulation. This is especially important for people with dust allergies.

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