• R3,543.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R3,543.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Crystal Table Lamp with Hessian Shade

    Lamp: 1 x 60W ES
    Height: 720mm
    Base: 155mm
    Shade: 400mm x 360mm x 230mm

  • R3,406.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R3,406.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Squares Crystal Table Lamp with Cream Shade

    Lamp: 1 x 60W ES
    Height: 660mm
    Base: 145mm
    Shade: 380mm x 255mm x 255mm

  • R732.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R732.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Acrylic Table Lamp and Shade

    Lamp: E27 incandescent GLS 240v 60w
    Colours available: Black Clear Red

  • R805.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R805.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Tall Dimple Table Lamp without Shade

    Fitting Material: Ceramic
    Height: 440mm
    Diameter: 125mm

  • R453.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R453.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Smokey Glass Table Lamp with Shade

    Fitting Material: Glass
    Height: 450mm
    Diameter: 283mm

  • R1,029.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R1,029.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Opal Woven Chrome Table Lamp

    Height: 320mm
    Diameter: 205mm

  • R1,041.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R1,041.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Modern Mirror Table Lamp without Shade

    Height: 470mm
    Diameter: 170mm

  • Indoor Lighting R895.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R895.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Fitting Colour: Light Blue
    IP Rating: 20
    Fitting Material: Glass
    Height: 390mm
    Diameter: 350mm
    Excluding Shade
    E27 Lampholder

  • R794.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R794.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Le Fluer Slatted Table Lamp

    Fitting Material: Steel
    Height: 575mm
    Diameter: 300mm

  • R659.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R659.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Satin Table Lamp with Silver Shade

    Height: 470mm
    Diameter: 250mm

  • R741.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R741.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Table Lamp with Beige and White Flower Cut Out Shade

    Height: 690mm
    Width: 205mm
    Depth: 205mm
    Lamp: 1 x E27 60w

  • Indoor Lighting R1,160.00 R (Incl VAT)


    R1,160.00 R (Incl VAT)

    Fitting Colour: Chrome
    IP Rating: 20
    Lens/Shade Colour: White Floral
    Lens/Shade Material: Fabric
    Fitting Material: Steel
    Height: 690mm
    Diameter: 245mm
    Lamp: 1 x E27 60W GLS Incandescent (not included)