• WB-2706

    2L Clear Crystal and Chrome Wall Light

  • WB-3029

    Lamps: 2 x GY6 35W 12V
    Fitting Material: Steel/aluminium
    Height: 135mm
    Width: 320mm
    Depth: 92mm

  • WB-3030

    2L Rectangular Satin Chrome Wall Light

    Height: 160mm
    Width: 200mm
    Depth: 45mm

  • WB-3035

    1L Satin and Opal Wall Light

    Height: 210mm
    Width: 95mm
    Depth: 120mm

  • WB-3037

    Long Narrow White Glass Satin Wall Lights with Clips

    Height: 250mm
    Width: 175mm
    Depth: 80mm

  • WB-31044

    1L Round Amber Brass Wall Light

  • WB-31045

    1L Round Amber Brass Wall Light

    Width: 200mm
    Height: 340mm
    Depth: 380mm
    Lamps: 1 x E27

  • WB-31047

    1L Clear Tulip and Plain Black Wall Light

    Width: 210mm
    Height: 330mm
    Depth: 360mm
    Lamps: 1 x E27

  • WB-31048

    Angled Dome Poised Clear and Black Wall Light

    Width: 225mm
    Height: 295mm
    Depth: 420mm
    Lamps: 1 x E27

  • Indoor Lighting


    Rectangular Spotty Gypsum White Wall Light

    Height: 235mm
    Width: 180mm
    Depth: 85mm

  • Indoor Lighting


    1L Swing Arm with Cotton Shade and Switch

    Fitting Material: Steel
    Height: 270mm
    Width: 225mm
    Depth: 415mm

  • Indoor Lighting


    1L Classic Antique Gold Wall Light

    Height: 260mm
    Width: 120mm
    Depth: 285mm