• IS-OT-2701

    Solid CNC Aluminium Corner Footlight

    Lamp: 1 x 3w LED 3000K
    Ideal for staircases

  • IS-OT-2702

    Square Aluminium LED CNC Indoor Footlight

    Lamp: 1W x 1W LED 3000K
    Width: 55mm

  • IS-OT-2731

    Surface Mounted LED Footlight

    Lamp: 1W 3000 LED
    Height: 120mm
    Width: 70mm

  • OT-1708

    Flush Box LED Footlight

    Fitting Material: Aluminium
    Lamp: 1 x 3W LED (included)
    Width: 75mm
    Height: 150mm
    Depth: 62mm
    Flush Box with 20mm Knock Outs for Conduit

  • OT-2600

    Black Dome Footlight

    Lamp: 1 x 220V/10w Pigmy

  • OT-2609

    45 Degree Angled White Tube Footlight

    Lamp: 1 x 60W E27

  • OT-2631

    Round White Eye footlight with Black Cover

    Lamp: 12V
    Width: 101mm

  • OT-2632

    Round Black Footlight with Rectangular Black Grid

    Bi-pin Required

  • OT-2684

    White Square Recess Louvre Footlight

    Lamp: 12W/230V
    Width: 77mm
    Height: 77mm

  • OT-2700

    Stainless Steel Rectangular Recessed LED Footlight

    Lamp: 240V
    Height: 45mm
    Width: 110mm
    Depth: 54mm

  • OT-2703

    Stainless Steel Recessed LED Footlight with Grid

    Lamp: 240V
    Height: 45mm
    Width: 110mm
    Depth: 54mm

  • OT-27082

    Recessed Grid LED Footlight

    Lamp: 1 x 230v LED