Flood Lights

  • OT-2001

    2L Black Security Floodlight

  • OT-2002

  • OT-2003

    Black Floodlight with Sensor

  • OT-3131

    Rectangular Flood Light

    Lamps: 500W White Light
    Height: 190mm
    Width: 185mm
    Depth: 125mm

  • OT-3155

    Rectangular Energy Saving Flood Light

  • OT-3191

    Security Floodlight with Moving Head and Alarm

    Lamp: 150W
    Height: 255mm
    Width: 165mm
    Depth: 180mm
    Operating Functions: All Day, Nighttime Mode

  • OT-4106

    Die Cast Floodlight

    Lamp: 150W

  • OT-4187

    LED Colour-Changing Floodlight

    Fitting Material: Die Cast Aluminium
    Height: 87mm
    Width: 115mm
    Depth: 85mm
    Flood LED: 10W RGB (Col. Change) with remote

  • OT-4188

    Rechargeable LED Floodlight

    Height: 250mm
    Width: 160mm
    Finish: Die Cast Aluminium, Yellow Plug
    Rechargeable Charging Time: Approximately 5 hours
    Running Time: Min. 3 Hours, Max. 12 Hours
    Lumens: Max 700
    Colour Temp: Cold White
    Voltage: DC 12V 1.5A
    Wattage: Max. 10 Watt
    Lamp: LED Cold White

  • OT-41881

    Colour-Changing LED Floodlight

    Fitting Material: Die Cast Aluminium
    Height: 235mm
    Width: 285mm
    Depth: 127mm
    Flood LED: 50W RGB (Col. Change) with RMT

  • OT-4190

    Silver LED Floodlight

    Lamp: 10W Cool White

  • OT-4191

    Black LED Floodlight with Sensor

    Lamp: 10W Cool White LED
    Material: Die Cast Aluminium
    Width: 115mm
    Height: 145mm (Excluding Bracket)
    Features: Day/Night and Motion Sensor
    Colour Temp: 6000K
    Chips: Epistar Chips
    Power Factor: >0.6
    Detection Distance: 8-12m
    Detection Range: 180 degrees