• AM-198

    Cricline 22W White Extractor Fan

    Diameter: 290mm
    Depth: 210mm
    Cut-out: 250
    Motor Power: 20

  • AM-199

    22W Circline Ceiling Light White Square Extractor Fan

    T5 + lamp

  • AM-200

    CLG Extractor Fan

    Width: 200mm

  • AM-250

    Extractor Fan CLG

    Diameter: 250mm

  • FE-147

    Stratos Wood Fan With Remote

  • FE-405

    16″ Floor Fan With Adjustable Tilt And Height
    Height: 1270mm
    Width: 435mm
    Depth: 600mm
    Motor Power: 40
    Operating Functions: 3 Speed Rotating/Lockable
  • FE-406

    18″ 3 Speed Standing Fan
    Height: Adjustable up to 1300mm
    Head Diameter: 550mm
    Base: 445mm
    Features: Oscillation Tilt Adjustment for Flexible Use
  • FE-407

    16″ 3 Speed Wall Fan
    Width: 400mm
    Features: All Metal Wall Mount
    Satin Chrome
    Pull Switch
  • FE-409

    16″ 3 Speed Wall Fan
    Fitting Material: Plastic
    Height: 500mm
    Width: 430mm
    Depth: 370mm
    Motor Power: 40
    Operating Functions: 3 speed lockable with 2 pull strings
  • FE-4091

    3 Speed White Box Fan
    Height: 435mm
    Width: 380mm
    Depth: 145mm
    Motor Power: 35
    Operating Functions: 3 speed, louvre rotation switch, and 2 hour timer
  • FE-410

    56″ Industrial White Fan

  • FE-4125

    2 Blade Industrial Satin/Acrylic Ceiling Fan
    Fitting Material: Pressed Steel
    Height: 275mm
    Diameter: 1320mm
    Motor Power: 60W
    Operating Functions: High performance blade angle, 3 speed Wall control, forward and reverse function