What is Crystal?

What is Crystal?

Crystal is glass that has Lead (in the form of lead oxide [PbO]) in its chemical composition.  The purpose of Lead Oxide is to increase the density of glass, which in turn, increases the refractive properties, luster, and clarity of the crystal.  When it is cut and polished, it creates more colors and sparkle in light than regular glass.  The higher percentage of Lead Oxide in the crystal composition, the more vibrant the colors are reflected and…


How to Choose a Table Lamp

1. The appropriate size

Your lamp has to complement the table it stands on, rather than stick out as a complete oddity. That’s exactly why you need to pick one that fits in perfectly and blends well with the dimensions of the space around. If the table is narrow and thin, then pick a stick lamp and if it is large and broad then experiment with the larger umbrella-styled lamps.

2. Match your interiors

Your interiors would already sport a certain theme…


Glossary of Lighting Terms

Accent Lighting
Directional lighting to emphasize a particular object or to draw attention to a part of the field of view.

The dissipation of light within a surface or medium.

The process by which the eye changes focus from one distance to another.

The process by which the visual system becomes accustomed to more or less light than it was exposed to during an immediately preceding period. It results in a change in the sensitivity of the eye to light.

Alternating Current (AC)